Help RIR be sustainable through our Endowment Fund

Help RIR be sustainable through our Endowment Fund image

Redford Interfaith Relief has established an ENDOWMENT FUND to help ensure the long-term viability of our mission. Money donated to this fund can be invested and used for purposes not covered by the grants we receive, which are almost always given for specified purposes. Creating new programs, for example, can be paid for from this ENDOWMENT FUND, as can the modest salaries of our few employees.

Contributions to the FUND can be made to Redford Interfaith Relief by way of cash, check or online through this portal. Simply include a note of your intention or use the comment line on your check to specify ENDOWMENT FUND.

You may also want to talk with your financial advisor or tax professional about the potential tax savings of making a donation from the required minimum distribution of your 401(k) retirement plan.

Thank you for considering this important ENDOWMENT FUND. Please let us know if you have any questions.